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Life has been so extra in 2020, Personally, I need a massage.

(but let's be real, I always need a massage;)

Enter Massage Therapist

Gabriel Daviau,

Gabriel Daviau does massage at Boulder Bikram yoga and for many years our family has had the pleasure of his help and healing, when we deal with over worked muscles and stress.

You can read all about him below,

But most importantly, BOOK YOURSELF A MASSAGE ASAP!!!!

He is offering a special price through September at Boulder Bikram Yoga, $60 per hour! and also massages clients at their homes.

Cell: 203-494-0285 email:

I recently caught-up with Gabe and we talked about working in the world with covid.

"well you can't phone in a massage or work from home" "for working people like me, safety and precaution are number 1. I take my clients health and my own health, very seriously" "I am always masked. and although it does not work to wear gloves for bodywork, I sterilize like a one-man crew and scrub-in like a surgeon."

Gabriel attended the Florida school of Massage in 2001 for basic training, and then worked in his the field for about 7 years, in Florida and Connecticut. He moved out to Colorado in 2008 to attend BOULDER SCHOOL OF MASSAGE THERAPY to get an associates degree in Massage. He was introduced to the Boulder Bikram studio in early 2009, and started working there as an in-house Massage Therapist.

He has gratefully enjoyed the last 11 years working in the Yoga world and on Yogis, as well as being part of the Bikram yoga family.

His Style is deep tissue with Trigger point and Connective tissue work, with a specialization in Athletic support and Injury rehabilitation makes him uniquely equipped to support and aid people in their journey through the healing and expansion the hot yoga practice brings up. He is a long time Bikram style hot yoga practitioner as well.

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