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New Classes!

Updated: Jul 31

We are adding class times and new classes

Nika is back and teaching some new formats.

Dear Yoga community,

for years my practice has been evolving, just as yours has.

My classes are low-key and laid-back, a less is more approach. Expect a gentle but thorough head-to-toe workout. I'm really excited to be back in my home studio sharing my practice with you. Below you'll find a description of what to expect when you join me for one of my new classes.

Hot Yoga Remix (75 minute) Monday Wednesday and Friday at 12:15

Hot yoga Remix is a hot yoga class where we will follow a series close to the traditional hot yoga format. This class has music and has little to no dialogue so participants should be prepared to follow along and set their own depth. Pose variations are welcomed and the class length is slightly shorter running one hour and 15 minutes. All levels are welcomed, and this is great place to do your traditional hot yoga practice in 75 minutes if that’s your preference.

Yoga-lates (50 minutes) Mondays at 11am.

We're also adding a 50 minute yoga-lates at 11am on Monday. This class is a mix of yoga stretching and Pilates mat moves to target your core strength.

LIIT (50 minutes) Tuesdays 11am.

LIIT stands for Low impact interval training. This is a movement class, set to music and focusing on muscle stimulation and calisthenics performed with emphasis on form, and combined with a few stretches from Pilates and yoga.

Slow-flow Vinyasa (60 minutes) Thursdays 11am

This is a class based on doing sun salutations, and flowing from one pose to the next. There will be opportunities to do deep stretching of the hips or feel free to find the right modifications for your practice.

I hope to see your happy, healthy, face very soon at the studio!

All of these classes are in the hot room and are capped at 8 participants. You can attend them on a donation basis for the rest of July.

Starting August they will be available as courses. 4 classes.

So your class with have the same people each week. Limiting our exposure.

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Peace and Love BHY

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The yoga studio entrance is on the northwest corner of the building, ground level.

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